Stray Dogs: The Burke Misadventures, Book 1 (Amazon, Audible)

The Burke siblings are damn good at what they do. And what they do? Well, that’s no good at all.

Performing wetwork for the Order of Magic’s Black Operations, the Burkes keep order in a chaotic world. But when their handler doubts their loyalty, snarky firebrand Ed and cerebral illusionist Des find themselves on the wrong end of a mage hunt.

Forget getting paid, surviving the Order’s most accomplished killer becomes the Burkes’ top priority.

Old friends won’t take their calls, so the Burkes turn to an old enemy instead — a shapeshifter who supplies uneasy alliances, personal epiphanies, and stomach butterflies in equal measure.

STRAY DOGS is a queer author’s love letter to Urban Fantasy, for fans of THE DRESDEN FILES, HARD MAGIC, and SUPERNATURAL.

Guard Dogs: The Burke Misadventures, Book 2 (Amazon)

Never thought we'd live to see the day...

As former Order of Magic wetwork operators, the Burke siblings are keen to reform their bloody ways, but between a ritual serial killer on the loose and a cabal of mind-controlling kidnappers, they have their work cut out for them.

Bolstered by a new batch of allies, the Burkes are up against the clock before either target strikes again. When their cases collide in the most unexpected way possible, the siblings are forced to reexamine everything they hold dear… and who they can trust.

GUARD DOGS is the second installment of the Burke Misadventures, a queer author’s love letter to urban fantasy. Come for the magic and mystery, stay for the siblings and snark.